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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It was not a big shopping trip, but I thought I'd share some of the bits and bobs I found around NYC.  
Not one (except the coffee cup and the screwdriver kit) could be described as 'essential', but I just couldn't resist.
Of course, we have already lost the wind-up key and he now staggers along with a limp due to some over-zealous cranking, but I still love our Robot Sharpener.  

A new addition to The Restaurant Bag: Cafe Bingo.  The first one to find crumbs, a travel mug, a tip jar and the like, all in a row, get's Bingo!  From Anthropologie.

A pocket-sized screwdriver kit, with both standard and impossibly tiny attachments, ideal for fiddly little jobs like tightening sunglasses hinges or opening toy trains.  Where has this been all my life?  

I love stationary.  

I have some very grown-up cards printed with my name, but every now and again I like something a bit more whimsical.  Very '70s.  Love it. 

The perfect spiral notebook.  From MUJI, of course.

For our next big road trip: an excellent alternative to the portable DVD player.  Best of all, it's picture-based, so the pre-school set can play, too.  From Anthropologie.

Purchased with DB (okay, me) in mind: some finger printing projects for us to do together while WB is at school.   

These are so adorable that I will never be able to bring myself to use them for erasing.  From Kate's Paperie.

"The Greek"- it reminds me of New York, back in the day when we used subway tokens, a call from a pay-phone cost a dime, and every take-away coffee came in this blue paper cup.  I am dating myself.

I thought this might come in handy for those times when I am too tired to explain (or even remember) why we are supposed to behave in certain ways and not others.  I need a pocket-sized edition.


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