Marshmallow Madness

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As mentioned above, DB's favorite dessert from Sunday's Bake-Off were the Gluten-Free Chocolate Mudcake Cake cupcakes (courtesy of a Woollies brand box-mix - shock horror!) topped with this utterly lickable, iresistable No-Cook Marshmallow Frosting. 
It first debuted in our house at DB's Halloween birthday party, when we use it in our interpretation of Martha Stewart's Boo-tiful Cake: three layers of sponge, topped with clouds of Marshmallow Frosting and a quartet of hand-piped ghost meringues, complete with silver-ball eyes.

  Note the tiny tongue, stuck out in anticipation.

Runner up in the dessert stakes was our version of Rice Krispies Treats.

For me,  Rice Krispies Treats are the ultimate in kids party food - a perenial favorite at every bake-sale I can remember and, without fail, the table where I spent my fistful of quarters.  A  thin coating of vegetable oil on your pot and rubber spatula are essential to avoid finding yourself in a huge, sticky morass.  

Our allergy-free version substitutes gluten-free rice bubbles for the original Rice Krispie brand (which contains barley malt, a no-no), Nuttelex non-dairy butter substitute and gluten-free marshmallows.  

If you can't find G-free marshmallows in the shop, you can make your own, courtesy of either epicurious or Smitten Kitchen.  Just wear something disposable! 


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