Peter Pan Birthday Parties

Monday, August 24, 2009

For the 4th birthday of each of my Washington, DC cousins, my brilliant Aunt Jane threw a Peter Pan Party.  

Girl or boy, the birthday person was always Peter, taking his or her turn in the costume Aunt Jane had sewn herself.  Uncle John played a mean Captain Hook, inciting a riot of preschoolers to take him down, with glee, year after year.

Researching options for DB's 5th Birthday Party, I came across two separate posts on Peter Pan parties (here and here), each done beautifully.

I suspect I've missed my window of opportunity - 5 just seems one year too old for the theme, and I am feeling the sting of regret.

I would have loved to make Peter and Wendy clothespin decorations for the cupcakes.

And Baby Smee, against the London skyline, is irresistible.

I hope the clever moms behind these special do's remembered to take a portrait of the birthday person and consider repeating the theme with younger siblings.  

The four photos Aunt Jane has framed of each child (the youngest is now 16), so sweet and cherubic in the family costume, are more precious than fairy dust.


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