B is for Bento

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love it when I find something inspiring and then the universe sends out a little echo, just to confirm that I got the message.

This is precisely what happened today, when inspiration came in a burst of BENTOS.  

I have been in a bit of a lunch box rut.  

Bread, spread, fill, slap, slice.  Repeat.  Eternally.  

Sisyphus thought he had it bad with that rock.  He should try school lunches.  

So I was grateful to receive a much needed nudge when I read  this on Domestic Reflections.

Which led me to Wendolonia, where I got a jolt from the lady behind the bentos below.  

She kindly outlines the basics in bento supplies, here.

Wendy humbly "bows to the superior talents of Biggie over at Lunch In A Box", so, of course, I had a peek.




And then, just to hammer the message home,  I opened the New York Times to find this.  

Have left-overs ever looked so good?

I am running, not walking, to my favorite Japanese shop, Little Tokyo, in the Adelaide Central Market.  

images from Lunch In A Box, Wendolonia, Lunch In A Box, and the New York Times


  1. Hi Kate, I am really enjoying your blog. You'd be very impressed with my newly organised pantry!! Thought you'd like this link to a Seventh Generation newsletter article about Bento Boxes. Happy lunch-making, Katie


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