One Tired Pup

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fred is all tuckered out.  And so am I.  

Yes, we've already broken the "no-dogs-on-the-furniture" rule.  I confess, it wasn't even his idea - I put him there myself.  Who could resist?

Fred has taken center stage, as reflected by both the state of my house (breakfast dishes on bench top, laundry baskets overflowing and everything chewable hastily crammed on shelves, out of reach) and my blogging neglect.  

To address these issues while we go through the utterly consuming  task of getting Fred sorted (as well as managing a number of other new projects), I will be serving lots of pasta bolognaise, skipping the ironing and blogging once a week.  

May I make a suggestion?  

Hit the "Subscribe" button on the sidebar.  

This will ensure that you receive an email notifying you each time there is a new post, which is so much nicer than checking in only to find yesterday's (or, let's face it, last week's) post staring back at you.  I hate it when I get that at my favorite reads - so frustrating.  

In the meantime, I'll snatch these few moments to whip up a post about the incredible Indian Cooking Class my friend, Priti, and her mother, Kamla, hosted last week.  

Here is a taste of what is coming:  

Choley (Sweet And Sour Chickpeas)

Thanks for bearing with me!


  1. Well... if you are going to shirk your blog duties, the least you could do is post more pictures of Fred.


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