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Monday, October 19, 2009

I am one of those people who is incapable of articulating to hairdressers what I am after by way of cut and color.  

No matter how many catch phrases I throw around ("warm, not cool", "caramel, not ashy", "shaggy bob", "layers") we wind up on different pages and I come away thinking it would be easier to grab a lolly pop and pull a Kojak.  

Unless, I refer to an image and successfully explain what it is I like about said image.  

In which case, I sometimes come away with a glimmer of hope, and am spared that agonizing pause, as friends who see me after a visit to the salon struggle to collect themselves, before choking out, "Have you had your hair done?!" 

We're getting to crunch time with our renovation plans, and this week I must explain to our architect what it is we want our home to look like.  

Lest the painful lessons of so many failed hairdoos go unlearned, I am sifting through my inspiration file for visual aids.  

I do not want a Kojak kitchen.  

You'll note a theme: brick tiles, stainless steel, white and black.  

Let me know what you think.

These shots constitute two sides of the same kitchen.  I love the white brick tiles, black cabinetry and marble bench tops and industrial strength appliances, plus the "word of the day."  Via Martha Stewart Living.

Love the stove and the tiles.  Dislike the lights, cabinetry and draw pulls - too country.  Via House Beautiful.

Love the mod feel, the zany fabric, the shots of color and the way it is both clean and warm at the same time - modern without being sterile or cold.  Full of personality and a sense of humor.  Via House Beautiful.

I want that stove set up.  Badly.  And the hood.  And the tiles.  And the warmth.  Love it.  Via House Beautiful.

Again, I have a hardware fetish.  It's all about the stove, with the red dials.  And the tiles.  Via House Beautiful.

Love, love, love the vintage letters.  And the message.   Via Brown Turtleneck Sweater.

Kate Spade's Manhattan apartment kitchen.  Kate Spade - need I say more?  More black and white, which punches of green - my favorite color scheme.  Love the floor - but would you get dizzy??  Via Brown Turtleneck Sweater.

More amazing vintage letters.  Via Brown Turtleneck Sweater.

Orange stove.  Love it.  Black bench tops with white cabinetry and wooden floor - all good.  Via little green notebook. 

Too masculine?  Too dark?  Via little green notebook.  


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