Gift Giving: Teachers

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas holidays, which means that it is time for Advent Calendar Activity #9: Make teachers' gifts.  

Last year, we proudly presented lemon-iced shortbread only to realize that each teacher had received her own weight in cookies.

This year, we aimed for something a bit different: Granola.  

Actually, I stole this idea from my friend, Sharron.  

When I heard that she'd be giving friends her own interpretation of my granola, instead of her usual sweets, I was (a) flattered and (b) jealous that I hadn't thought of doing that myself.  

So, with Wayne Newton crooning Jingle Bells (the American version) in the background, the boys spent the evening scooping granola into mason jars and labeling manila baggage tags, while I wrote out ingredients and serving suggestions.  

As I did so, I wondered: 

If I were a primary school teacher, what would I be wishing for?

a glass of champagne?
an extra week's holiday?
an apology?

I hope my sons' teachers will settle for granola.  

They might, being far better people than I.  

And after all, it is good granola.  

p.s.  If you are making cookies, this is how we wrapped ours last year.  

Very simple: brown paper lunch bags, some ribbon, a hole puncher, an ornament or two, and you're done.  

The boys assembled the bird ornaments based on a DIY from the now defunct Domino; I would share the link but, sadly, it now shuttles you Architectural Digest - totally unsatisfying.  

We looped the ribbon at the top of the package through the ribbons attached to the birds and the baubles, so it all stays together.  Too easy.


  1. Well your boys are going to get good reports! Mine however have store bought gifts - and I'm anticipating their reports will reflect this! You make me feel very inadequate....


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