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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First, let me say how much I regret doing neither hair nor make-up on the day these were taken.

Given that we had to make a dedicated journey to Adelaide's only genuine, black and white, 1960s photo-booth (located in the basement of the Myer Centre, Rundle Mall), you'd think I could have factored that in, but no.  

In the mad dash up to Christmas, we just barely managed to find correct change and have our pictures snapped.  One set featuring the boys (for CB's side of the family) and another including yours truly, for my lovely husband and parents.  

Cramming into a squeezy space, behind a curtain, with other people is pretty well guaranteed to lead to silliness, but I got the boys hopped up on ice-cream and lollies beforehand, just to be sure.  It worked.

Laminating had to be deferred until after the holidays, due to a miscalculation on my part; apparently, photos can melt when laminated using a standard machine, and must, therefore, be laminated using special equipment at a photo shop.  

Who knew?

Consequently, these have just been posted, but I am hoping that it is the little imps - and not my tardiness - that the grandparents will think of when opening and closing their books.

p.s. This machine is available for hire.  Anyone getting married???  I am thinking 40th....


  1. So cute!

    There is just something about a photo booth. It's impossible to be serious in them, so I think it showcases the best side of everyone - the fun side.

  2. 我喜歡用心經營的blog~ ^^.........................


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