Dinner In 20 Seconds?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ever since watching this video (via Little Brown Pen), I have been making omelets like a maniac .

"Dinner in twenty seconds?," trills Julia.

Yes, please.

Julia is a purist.

Her omelets consist of nothing more than butter, eggs, salt, air, and maybe a sprinkling of parsley.

Mine are heavier and more hedonistic, as you would expect.

I cannot resist adding a spoonful or three of sauteed mushrooms and gruyere, or, as in the case above, some spare roast tomatoes and goat's curd.

At most, my approach adds five seconds to the process (assuming you've done your roasting and sauteing in advance).

Dinner in twenty-five seconds?

I'll take it.


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