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Thursday, November 25, 2010

When I really want to freak my children out (and possibly scare them into appreciating their luxurious existence), I share choice details about my own childhood.

Like the summer when the television broke and my parents didn't have it repaired.

(After a quick - but painful - withdrawal, we didn't miss it.)

Or how we never had dessert.  Ever.  Except on birthdays.

(No one got fat.)

Around the holidays, I catalog the contents of my own Christmas stockings: pistachio nuts, dried apricots and Chapstick.

(I was thrilled.  Truly.  Pistachio nuts and dried apricots were the height of gourmet indulgence circa 1980.  At least, they were for a kid who never got dessert.  And when they ran out, you could always eat the Chapstick.  Come on, you know you did.)

At this point, they stare at me like I am a character out of Dickens.

And their anxiety over their own stocking prospects is palpable.

They needn't worry.

This year, Santa is planning on some vintage stocking loot, but we're turning the dial back to the 1970s, not the 1870s, courtesy of my new favorite shop: Blue Ribbon General Store.

Their only concern should be keeping me from playing with their stuff.

Good luck.

They will find:

Paddle ball, so they can focus on hitting something other than each other...
Dominoes, because they are just so cool...

Jacks, because I am an ultra-competitive show-off and can't wait to 
finally beat their father at something...

Slinky, 'cause it's fun for a girl and a boy...

Joker cards for - the ultimate in pre-screen portable gaming...

Pocket-sized Etch-A-Sketch - even with no curves, it's still the best...

Silly Putty.  Need I say more?
Fortune Telling Fish.  They bear a striking resemblance to Swedish Fish - 
I will have to warn these are not edible... 

Friendship Bracelet Kits.  Some boys DO like to craft.  
I live in hope that they will exchange with each other.  
If not, at least it will keep them busy...

Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelet kits - I might score one...

More fun than a Barrel Of Monkeys...

WB has Mick's moves and bravado - all he needs are the lips...

Who could resist Gold Mine bubble gum?

And, finally, a bit of coal, because no one is perfect;
but made of chocolate, because they're darn close.

stocking image from here.


  1. If am I a good girl can I have one of these stockings too?

    Love all the ideas Kate. Glad to see you back writing your blog.

  2. Kate I LOVE these - oh my god - silly putty was one of my favourite things, I'll have to get onto this site!! I like to regale stories to my boys about how we didn't even HAVE television until I was 10 - the look of complete incomprehension on their face always amuses me...


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