Homemade Christmas Gifts: Magnets

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where has Magnetic Paper been all my life? 

Did you know about this stuff? 

It's golden. 

Just be careful to get the kind with the peel-and-stick backing, and NOT the kind that goes in your printer - according to my research, it will ruin your equipment, and then you'll have to ask Santa for a new printer instead of those (earrings, shoes, plane tickets - fill in the blank), and who wants that? 

10 Steps To Christmas Tree Magnets

1. Visit a store that stocks scrapbooking/crafting materials, such as Spotlight or Lincraft.

2. Purchase a packet of Magnet Paper with peel-and-stick backing.

3. Develop a Christmas tree template (I used the old elementary school trick of folding a piece of paper in half, drawing one side of a tree from the crease out, and cutting to ensure a symetrical evergreen).

4. Trace and cut out as many trees as you need, leaving a 1cm border around each tree. 

5. Peel away the backing from the sticky side of the magnetic paper and carefully stick on your trees.

6. Cut out trees.

7. Apply plain white or other drawing paper to remaining magnetic sheets and scraps.

8. Start designing decorations.

9. Cut out teeny, tiny ornaments and a star for the top.

10. Slip one tree, a star and enough ornaments to cover the tree in a cellophane bag and seal with a festive ribbon.

Other ideas for homemade magnets can be found here and here.


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