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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Finally, there is a magazine that's "as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring" as you are.  

So says their tagline.  

And it's true.

Frankie first came to my attention via a friend who is the embodiment of effortless cool.

She ticks all the boxes above, plus she cooks like a mad thing and makes Demi Moore look like a troll.

When she makes recommendations, I pay attention.  

This time, I even took notes.

Between interviews with artists of every description, quirky essays and ethereal photography with vintage styling, Frankie is crammed full of groovy tidbits - links to books, music, fashion, design, charities and events.

Too many to remember, so I keep a running "Frankie Tips" list on my phone.  

Here is a tiny sampling:

The Perfect Five - a music blog for people who don't have time for music blogs.  It lives up to its name.  Case in point.  

Temptations from the likes of Present And Correct, for the vintage stationary junkies among us. 

Essential reading recommendations for the thrifty modern girl.

They even put out books of their own contributing to the dialogue on such critical issues as decorating and afternoon tea.

It must be said, however, that not every tip has been a success.

I recently purchased this shirt for CB (not pictured).

The compliment was lost, as he didn't know who Mr. Darcy was.  

When I explained that he was the pin-up boy for the Jane Austen set, CB looked crestfallen.  

Apparently, he had his heart set on appealing to a slightly-less bookish audience.  

Like the Laker Girls.  

It seems we both misjudged our target audience.

The shirt remains unworn, in silent protest.

So maybe Frankie isn't for everyone.  

But it is definitely for me.


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