One For My Baby

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Every few weeks, I follow the sound of muffled laughter and find my husband sneaking another look at this video.  

According to You Tube, it has been viewed by 120,352,630 people.  

He is 336 of them.  

I just read about a couple who performed The Evolution Of Dance at their wedding.  

What do you say, CB?  

One more time around the dance floor?

I call dibs on "Ride The Pony". 


  1. Left you a message on FB - love your writings and will keep checking them out! Hope all is well Down Uder. Keep the recipes and organizational tips coming!

  2. Don't even start me on this bloke, hilarious is an understatement - Thank you so much for 'revealing yourself'! he he - love your blog.... xxx


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