Two More For The Road

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Restaurant Bag is on permanent rotation.  Here are two more for when the natives are getting restless.

Pilot Pete's Tic Tac Toe
This charming set made of super-thick felt from mini rhubarb is always a winner.  I know, what's wrong with a piece of paper and a pencil?  Nothing.  And that works just fine with WB (age 6), but it never seems to elicit the same degree of enthusiasm from my aspiring pilot, DB (age 4), as this little gem does.

Every time I pull it out of the bag, I think to myself, How easy to make one?!  Because it's felt (nothing but a pair of scissors required), I think it may be within the range of even my remedial sewing skills.  And the motif could be customized to suit the particular passions of your target audience.  Mine would come in a drawstring bag or roll-up pouch to avoid loosing pieces.  mini rhubarb, take note.  I feel a project coming on.

Who Am I?
This is not an existential query. 

It is another fantastic pictorial game-in-a-tin by the clever folks at Haba Toys; you can click here to find online retailers.  In it, each player takes a turn wearing a very chic adjustable headband with a playing card, held in place by a magnet.  The card faces out for everyone else to see and the person wearing it must ask questions with "Yes" and "No" answers to figure out who they are.  

If ever I am in danger of taking myself too seriously, I can pop this little headband on in public and be immediately humbled.  Think Bjorn Borg, without the sex appeal.  It's particularly hazardous to play this alone with DB, as the accuracy of his response to my questions is not 100% reliable and I can wind up wearing it for a solid 20 minutes, before discovering that he has led me on a wild verbal goose chase.  I suspect the looks I get from other patrons are his revenge for brocoli and immunisation shots. 


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