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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I don't know about you, but dinner in our house is not a Five Star experience every night of the week.

Take this Saturday evening.  

Two birthday parties under my belt (or over - I can't resist birthday cake), I have just returned from a late afternoon run to the supermarket but have not yet unpacked.  I have four bags full of food, but nothing that can be ready in 5 minutes.

My 4 year old greets me at the door with a beautiful, tender hug, before projecting to the back row that HE IS STARRRRRRRVINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

I swear that kid is headed for Julliard.

Out comes my standard fast food dinner:

Scrambled eggs, whole meal or rye toast (sometimes with honey), apple slices and a glass of milk.  

Protein, fiber, and calcium are all represented.  Throw in a couple of carrot sticks, and I'd say my job here is done.

Five minutes preparation, and possibly $5 worth of ingredients.  No trip through the drive-thru, no little plastic toys destined for the bin, no rubbish in their tummies.

Each boy gets to dip into the cookie cutter collection to pick the shape of his toast, and for some reason this is special enough that they think eggs for dinner is a really special, silly treat and not just their mother being lazy.

Long may it last.


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