No-Knead Bread

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For a long time, I have dreamed about being the kind of mother who fills the house with the smell of fresh baked-bread, and all the calm and tranquility that aroma suggests. 

As it turns out, I am the kind of mom who considers it a personal triumph if everyone gets to school wearing the right uniform on the right day. 

The need to prepare dinner comes as a daily shock - "What?  Again?  Didn't I just do that yesterday?"  

And, too often, the tenor of the house, or at least the woman running it, tends towards shrill, not chill.  

But, as of 3 weeks ago, I do bake bread.  

'Little Red Hen bread', as WB dubbed it, on sight.  Not because I made it myself (though I did - it was 10 o'clock at night) but because it looks exactly like the illustration in our Little Golden Book.

In fact, it is Jim Lahey's No-Knead Bread, which I have been meaning to attempt it ever since reading about it The New York Times, three years ago.  

I wish I could say that three years on the to-do list is a personal record, but it isn't. 

Mr. Lahey's recipe calls for straight white flour, but, in deference to DB's wheat intolerance, I substituted spelt flour, which accounts for the density and color.  

It was spelt, but it was delicious.  

I suspect if you slather enough butter and jam on anything, it will taste delicious, but this loaf disappeared fast.  

And, it was just as easy as Mr. Lahey promised it would be.  So easy, that half-way through my first bite I was fantasizing about making it every other day.  

That was three weeks and one loaf ago.  

But I live in hope.  


  1. I make bread all the time using an even simpler version of this recipe - 450g flour (all white, or 375g white/75g brown), 1/3-1/2 teaspoon yeast, 1 1/2 teaspooons salt, 350ml water. mix and sit in covered bowl until doubles (4 hours in summer, 16 hours in winter!) Then I actually skip the second rise and put in straight into the heated a trea every single time and my kids won't eat anything else now!!!

  2. I like it! I am too impatient and found the waiting time with two rises DIFFICULT. I also couldn't wait to let the bread cool off before cutting into it. Big self-control issues.

  3. I'm so with you. I started making this last winter, thought I'd make it all the time, then got lazy, of course. Thanks for trying the spelt....I don't eat much wheat, but now that I know it can be done, I'll give it a go.

    You crack me up, by the way :)


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