Silly Scientist Party

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Attention:      Silly Scientists

Experiment:   DB’s 5th Birthday Party

Hypothesis:    By combining friends, wacky experiments, and toxic

quantities of sugar, we will produce atomic 

levels of fun.

Laboratory:  Our address

Equipment:   Old clothes - science is rarely tidy.  Dress for mess!!!

Silly Scientist Glasses were issued.  

Coca-cola was exploded.  

Ooblek was investigated.  

Our sense of smell was used to identify secret compounds.

Atomic cupcakes sent the scientists into orbit.

Lollies were issued in test tubes.   

The buffet was covered with specimens.  

What did we learn from our experiment? 

Well, I learned plenty.  

Initially, I had much more elaborate plans for the day.  

Which the universe laughed at.   

The week of the party, at least one member of the family was home sick and/or requiring a trip to the doctor/vet every single day.  

This left scant time for sourcing and preparing.  

  • the milk-changing-color experiment never happened, 
  • the giant bubble trough was never constructed, 
  • the giant bubble solution didn't work (perhaps because I used a different brand of dishwashing liquid?), 
  • I forgot to make the fairy bread, and 
  • the watermelon never made it to the table.  
And it didn't make a lick of difference.  

Which proves that if you have enough sunshine and sugar and good friends, little else is required. 

Lesson learned.

Inspiration for this party came from Katie and Donna Hay's Kids Issue, Annual 6.


  1. Kate - looks amazing - you are either extremely brave or crazy! I'm into outsourcing parties now - costs a fortune but no stress involved....

  2. It was great fun. Cormac had the best time. You can not go wrong with mess and boys.

  3. kate- i am in love with those specimen jars! so so perfect and clever.


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