Love Letter, Of A Different Sort

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Husband,

I hate to do this in a blog post, but we’re modern people, and I thought you should know: 

I have found my soul mate. 

Culinary, that is.

His name is Nigel.

I love him despite this.

He cooks. 

He eats.

He writes.  

I have been reading his diary, and let me tell you:

The man can put a sentence together.

He’s English and bangs on about crazy things like trifles, mullet, and blood pudding, but it doesn’t matter. 

We are of one mind. 


“When I say butter, I mean unsalted.  When I say sugar, I mean the unrefined golden stuff from Mauritius.  Pepper is ground from a mill as I need it and not, absolutely not, ever bought ready ground.  Oh, and when I refer to a grill pan, I mean one of those heavy ridged cast-iron grill pans that sits on the hob.  You can now get them quite easily from cookware shops and department stores.”

Okay, so I've never bought sugar from Mauritius.  

I didn't even know sugar could come from Mauritius.

It doesn't matter.  

Sugar pretensions aside, his food is uncomplicated, but inspiring; simple, but not mundane.

Seasonal, honest, and real.

He had me at hello.

I hope you understand and can put jealously aside to enjoy his food. 

We’ll be eating lots of it, starting with this:

Nigel understands that bacon makes everything better.

What more can I say?



p.s. My heart is still yours, even if my stomach belongs to him.  I think you know who has the firmer end of the deal.    

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  1. Oh you are too funny. Your poor husband - mine has to contend with me constantly telling him Matt Damon is coming for me anyday now and I won't be able to refuse.... I hope Nigel doesn't read your blog or he may be coming for you too!

  2. You are mad Kate!!!
    Do you get his TV shows in Oz? As they are worth a watch. Happy cooking and send some this way.

  3. Sarah,
    He's on television?! Almost afraid to watch, lest it breaks the spell...

  4. Jane, if Matt Damon comes for you, I'll help you pack. Speaking of, have you gone to see Invictus? Chris was at that match. I get goose bumps thinking about it.

  5. Thank god the kids are back at school because your blog has started again!


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