50 Signature Bags

Friday, March 26, 2010

I don't think the motley assortment of crumpled receipts, cafe serviettes and cap-less pens I usually tote around deserves to be housed in any of the 50 Signature Bags featured in the LA Times Magazine.

But, having learned of this piece via Design Mom and NOTCOT, I couldn't resist sharing.

Jameson Simpson's illustrations are utterly charming.

You can scrutinize the collection close-up, via the web version, here.

My picks (all structured and tailored, unlike me), in order of appearance:

Which are yours?

p.s. for any little (or not-so-little) Bettys out there, Herm├Ęs once put out a template for a DIY Paper Kelly Bag, as seen below:

It's as simple as: download, print, color, cut, fold, glue.

It is no longer on the website, but I still have the pdf; if you'd like a copy, just email me.

images from LA Times Magazine, NOTCOT, and Coquette


  1. Nice to dream!! I know my Lucie would love a copy of the DIY Paper Kelly Bag, please!

  2. Hi Kate, You might enjoy reading the book, "Bringing Home the Birkin" while you are in this handbag mood. I love shopping for handbags, anytime, anywhere.

  3. I think the paper one is the only one I would ever get to own! Those illustrations are beautiful....nice to dream.

  4. Yes please! That sounds like the perfect Mother/Daughter craft project for Katie and I. When you get a moment can you please email me a Kelly Template? Miffx


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