Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Easter Bunny will be bringing handmade chocolate eggs from Haighs.

Love that rabbit.

Everyone will find a felt-bunny egg cozy - and a new egg cup - waiting at the breakfast table.

Mine are the plain cousins to these finger puppets, sighted on the Purl Bee.

Eggs - chicken, duck and quail - will be dyed.
White eggs being virtually non-existant here, our results will deep and earthy.
Perfect for our Autumn Easter.

Wouldn't it be fun to have these two point the way to the egg hunt?

Birds nests, abandoned and found in our garden, will be filled with the tiny, dyed quail eggs.

If I had kept up with my knitting, I might have tackled these chicks, from Purl Bee.

Dessert will be Bird Nest Cupcakes.
Toast shredded coconut for the nest and fill with candied almonds.

A vase filled with branches and adorned with delicate, feathered birds will take pride of place.
(I didn't make my birds, but if you'd like to fashion your own, click here.)

We will, of course, read The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Easter origami?

Warm ears for a tiny bunny.

If I had girls, I think the bunny might slip some of these slides into the basket.

Happy Easter!


  1. These are all just so gorgeous, but I am too tired to get into the easter spirit other than to do the great easter egg hunt- Haighs here I come!

  2. i love this collection of easter things!

  3. (I commented the other day so you either deleted my post or something is wrong!)

    I said - these are all so adorable but my easter spirit will be limited to the easter egg hunt and hot cross buns - in fact I will be glad when it is all over as I can't stop eating those little eggs!!


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