Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I routinely arrived five minutes late to Madame Kelly's fourth period French class.

Slinking into my seat, breathless and blushing, I would furtively slip that day's assignment to whomever I'd just copied it from the moment her back was turned.

Consequently, if, when in France, I have to manage any transaction more complex than a drink order, I am reduced to performing spastic pantomimes.

Madame is somewhere, laughing.

Happily, there are times when having someone else do my homework is all upside.

A lovely tech reporter at the New York Times has sifted through the zillions of available iPhone apps to give us the Top Ten Must-Have Apps (and a few runners up).

Nerds are so nice.

Wish I could say that in French.


  1. IF you haven't got it, a great app is Bump. When I read it's description I thought it was a joke, but it really does what it says.

    Jamie Oliver's cooking app is pretty decent too, for we stressed out what-the-fuck-am-I-going-to-cook-tonight types

  2. Tim, 'bump' is OUT OF CONTROL! How is that possible?! Too cool. Thanks!

  3. Just waiting for when they can put one in your head and we can all pass info via head-butt.


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